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White Lightning.jpg

Leaps and Bounds X Light This

Second in class 1 at WPX, he is a son of the famous Leaps and Bounds boar back on our Light This sow.

Bred by Fink Farms, Kansas


New Adventure X Dougie Fresh X Lets Roll (Red Sox littermate)


Screen Shot 2018-08-30 at 10.07.19

Prime Time X Mile High X Steel Force

Born December 3, 2017

Stress Negative

Bred by Oltman Show Pigs


Death Cup X Ready to Rumble 

Grave Digger was the champion Hereford Boar at Indiana State Fair 2017 being shown and raised by Adam Hendricks. Grave Digger features the best front end and extension of any Hereford we have laid eyes on with extraordinary balance and an excellent set of running gear. If that isn’t enough he has just sired the champion Hereford gilt in the open show at STC!



Above The Law X Real Deal


Born June 22, 2018

Stress Negative

Class winning boar from the Fall Classic 2018

Bred by Brock Wilt & New Generation Show Pigs


Easy Money.jpg

Cash Rent X Diamond N the Rough

Reserve Champion Duroc Boar Iowa State Fair 2017

Easy Money was the Reserve Champion Duroc Boar at the Iowa State Fair in 2017. His pedigree reads Cash Rent x Diamond N The Rough. We are excited to be able to offer this guy to the public because of how good his first group of offspring looks! 

Owned by: Brent Oakes


Screen Shot 2019-05-23 at 12.10.33

Too Predictable X Rusty Gold


Stress Negative


House Money X (Iconic 49-6 X Visionary)

Litter mates to Cash Game at Hi Point

Reserve Champion Crossbred Boar WPX 2018

Bred by WinMor Farms, Iowa

Winnie was Reserve Champion Cross at WPX 2018 and comes from the heart of Winmor farm's herd! This guy has us extremely excited. Freak fronted, muscle, appearance, stout featured, he will work on a lot of females. Winnie’s littermate was a very popular boar shown by Winmor at STC and is now at Hi Point. Dam is a littermate to “Elsa”, 4th Overall Gilt at the 2016 WPX Jr National.



Over The Top (Off-marked Hampshire)- Harbaugh x Speechless x Sock Em

Over the Top was Austin Joostbern’s entry at Belton in 2017. Since he is an off-marked Hampshire he had to show against the crosses and won his class! If you like the thought of a Hampshire being as good as a cross and being out of the same genetic line as The Game then he is for you. We have several litters on the ground out of him with very minimal numbers of off marks.



Guns Up X Bear 76

2nd in Class 2 at STC 2020

Bred by  Driscoll Show Pigs

Bear Gun's dam is a littermate to the grand dam of the champion cross boar at this year's summer type (Dam is pictured above). He is stout featured, structurally correct and flexible while having an awesome show ring eye appeal. We are extremely excited for the future of this guy and cannot wait to use him on our sow herds!




Bred by RAR Genetics

2nd in Class 6 at STC 2020

Night Vision is a boar that is also very correct coming and going but offers a more rugged skeletal makeup and should add frame size and growth rate which is needed in so many sow herds across the country.

We purchased these boars with our sow herds and our customers in mind and are extremely excited to see what their offspring have in store. If you looking to inject a "Jolt" into your next season of showpigs please do not hesitate to let us know how we can help!



Blind Luck x Trigger


Raised by Loveless Family Farms.

Stood second in class 4 at The Exposition.

Bred by Loveless Family Farms Blind Love is a bigger farmed boar that is still sound and functional but offers so much when it comes to middle and rib shape. We felt like he complimented our other exotic boars and are excited to use him on females that have that pretty look but need size and power added. Dam of Blind Love has also raised the Reserve Grand Barrow at Tulsa ’17, 3rd Overall Hamp Barrow Tulsa ’16, High Points Winner OCPA ’17, Multiple Class Winners at OYE, Tulsa, WPX, and Houston. She is also the Grand Dam of the Grand Boar at WPX ’18.



Fire Away X Talladega

Class Winner at Belton 2019

Bred by Barber Farms, TX

At Jolt we stress the importance of sow power and this guy has just that. Sows on both sides from 4K farms and Kirk Swanson and the foundation sow at John Huinkers is a granddam on the maternal side. He is our type of boar, heavy in both his muscle and structure while being sound and up on his toes. He knows he is a boar and acts like it. We are excited to have this guy in our exotic boar line-up!



Screen Shot 2019-06-30 at 6.26.36 PM.png

Whiskey Wild x Rapid Fire

Raised by Quizz Herefords

Whiskey Fire stood third in his class behind the Champion and the $40,000 boar that Quizz Herefords also raised. We felt that Whiskey Fire was one of the most unique boars in the show and can make an immediate impact on many Hereford females. He posses a huge square top and couples that in a sound, square, package. Whiskey Fire's Dam was Reserve Champion Hereford at the Ohio State Fair and is a littermate to Too Short who stood at Sugar Creek.

Screen Shot 2019-07-02 at 10.44.18

Dam of Whiskey Fire



Caught My Eye x Junk's Berry

Raised by Adam Hendricks

Razz Berry was one of two boars that we thought were must owns and that can make the quickest impact in moving us forward. Razz Berry is elevated up front with great neck extension, structure, and soundness. Adam is no stranger to making great Hereford boars and we are super excited to use this guy on a majority of our females!




Cain7 Selfish 25-7 X RLR4 Man Up 15-2

Raised by The Cain Kids, Iowa

Class 4 Winner and Reserve Champion Duroc Boar at The Exposition

Littermate gilt won Class 16 in the Junior Show for The Cain Kids

Dirt Devil is a well-designed, heavy structured, boar that is still very comfortable in his movement. He is square out of both ends with a profile that is demanded if you want to be competitive in the show ring today.



Screen Shot 2019-06-30 at 6.44.24 PM.png

Hawkeye X Delmar

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